Did you happen to notice that Young Living now has Vanilla? It’s been one of the top requests from Young Living folks for the better part of a decade. Howsumever, the new Vanilla is NOT vanilla extract. You’ll notice it doesn’t have a Vitality label on it. Why?
It’s a common misconception that vanilla extract and vanilla oil are the same, but nothing could be further than the truth!
As a matter of fact, most vanilla essential oil on the market isn’t even vanilla essential oil. The commercial standard is to use chemical solvents to extract the essential oil.
Those solvents are not only hazardous and impossible to fully remove, but also create an “absolute” versus an essential oil. Conversely, Vanilla Extract is made from soaking the beans in an alcohol.
Young Living’s essential oil is made from vanilla planifolia — an orchid that grows long vanilla bean pods in the northwestern region of Madagascar. The entire process takes about five years or so! (Yes, five years. You read that right!)
First, the vine has to mature and produce blossoms — which takes about four years! In the fifth year, blossoms come in in abundance, but only last 24 hours and must be pollinated by hand within the day for the bean pod to grow.
The D. Gary Young Research Institute (one of the largest essential oil research facilities in the world!) took the world’s very best vanilla and spent a year researching how to extract it into a pure essential oil.
This first-of-its-kind extraction method takes the vanilla and uses ethyl alcohol from French sugar beets to remove the oleoresin!
Paired with fractionated coconut oil, this essential oil is super unique, one of its kind, and unmatched in quality and purity.
Keep your vanilla extract to flavor your tea, baked goods, anything you want to taste like vanilla.
Use your Vanilla E/O when you want the home to smell like vanilla.
(HINT: Put it in a diffuser with a few drops of orange EO. Instant creamsicle!!!)