In 2002 I got MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, the mother of all staph infections) when some prior surgical problems were being corrected. Over the course of that year, I had six more surgeries and the MRSA literally ate my stomach muscles. So the doctors knotted the remains of the muscles above and below and put in a Kevlar shield to hold things in. As a result, I look 13 months pregnant most of the time, but I’m alive. That’s the good news. The bad news is that those knotted muscles cramp and cramp big time. The pain is indescribable. My family knows when it’s happening as they hear me scream.

I initially wanted nothing to do with CBD anything, whether from Young Living or not. I had tried hundreds of dollars worth of this “stuff” and none of it worked for me. I felt I had simply wasted my money. But last year, Young Living partnered with Nature’s Ultra, a maker of high-quality CBD products and I thought hmmm. I sorta kinda looked longingly at the products and then slapped myself upright and said, “NO!” And after all of this, for some reason I ordered the CBD Muscle Rub mini tins with my convention order. More money down the drain, or so I thought.

And then one night the muscles started firing off big time. I was laying in bed twisted up like a pretzel crying from the pain. I tried what I usually use. Nada, zippo, nuttin’ honey. As a last resort, I grabbed the tiny tin of CBD Muscle Rub and massaged it into my stomach. Within what seemed like seconds, the muscles had relaxed and let go! I still had a little bit of distress but nothing I couldn’t handle. I was truly amazed. The next morning, I woke up with the pain banging in my upper belly. I once again grabbed the CBD Muscle Rub and massaged it in. Voila! GONE! I’m sitting here looking at this tiny tin in awe as I type.

I now have the large size of this wonderful stuff right next to me for those nighttime emergencies. Most of my family have used it. Some have had better results than others. Not all things work for all people but if you’ve been helped by CBD in the past, I’m betting this might help you with muscle, joint and tendon soreness. I won’t be without it now.

Will it work for you? You won’t know until you try it. This is just #mystory.