Did you know some oils are considered HOT, meaning they *could* cause an irritation on skin if they’re not diluted? I can attest to this. . . and, this comes from burning the &#@$(@#$@ out of the back of my neck. I’m still picking scabs off (my hair gets caught on them!) over a week later. The blistering went away in about three days.

You can use many essential oils right out of the bottle, but not all. You need to test an oil on yourself before you put it on. Applying it to the soles of your feet is one way, but a better way is to do an actual patch type of test. Wash your forearm and dry. Apply a few drops of oil and then cover it with a piece of gauze for 24 hours. When you take it off, look for reactions. If any, do not use the oil or repeat the patch test with the oil diluted with carrier oil or diluted with more carrier oil if you used it in the first test. If there is any sign of reaction, look for a substitute oil.

Many oils are “neat” oils, which means you can use them straight out of the bottle. I still don’t recommend it unless you know you won’t react. A drop or two of a good carrier oil never hurts and it won’t dilute the effectiveness of the essential oil.

Many essential oils require dilution; some of them require a lot of it! What I burned myself with is Lemongrass, a very popular oil BUT. . . had I read my charts, I would have known it was a 1:4 dilution which means four drops of carrier oil for every single drop of Lemongrass. Since I never reacted to an oil like this before, I just slathered it on. And I suffered the consequences of being a dummy.

IF YOU GET A REACTION. . . put on MORE CARRIER OIL, not water. The water won’t do anything, but more carrier oil will dilute the sting.

NOTE: If you have any type of nut allergy, do NOT use a carrier oil derived from any type of tree nut or tree, to be on the safe side. So no almond oil or argan oil. Argan is a nut, which some may not know. I’ve read where they say it is made from goat poop. Well, it used to be but that was many years ago. LOL The Argan nut is native to Morocco. Coconut oil. . . this one’s a bit controversial. Coconut IS classified as a tree nut, but is actually a fruit. Some folks with nut allergies can consume coconut; some can’t. To be on the safe side, if I had a nut allergy I’d stay away from it. But that’s me.

ANOTHER NOTE: The KidScents line of Young Living Essential Oils come prediluted so you can use it for *most* kids right out of the bottle. I’m a nervous nellie with little ones so I would use those feet first.

There have been many studies performed on which oils are the ones you have to watch for a reaction. These are the ones that ALWAYS come up.

Tea tree
Jasmine absolute

I have never used Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine absolute or Sandalwood essential oils, so I can’t vouch for them. Tea tree, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Clove are hot oils, FOR SURE. Yet I don’t react at all to Peppermint and just get a slight stinging sensation from Clove. The Lemongrass put a 2nd degree burn on me. It’s very individual. Please test first.

I don’t agree with Lavender being on this list, but I’m sure there are folks who are allergic, sensitive or just react to the essential oil. TO ME, Lavender is one of the gentlest oils out there. When my now 2-year-old grandson was a baby, I put it on his face for bad bug bites AFTER testing it on his feet. He has very pale skin and he was just fine with it. Still is.

LAST NOTE ON ALLERGIES: Please keep in mind that people can develop allergies at any time, even if there were no signs of it before. There is a famous story of a lady who developed an allergy to cats in her 80s even though she’d had cats all her life with not one sign or symptom of an allergy in all that time.

Essential oils are *mostly* safe, but we are all individuals and our bodies react differently to things. Even if one of your children never reacts, another one might. I love essential oils, as you know, and everyone in my family uses them, but, please, use them safely and always test first. I can’t stress this enough.

This is all from me based on my reading and experiences. It’s not researched facts ready for publication. It’s just #mystory.